Retail Recruiting

Are you seeking employment in retail management?

If so, Martin Recruiting Partners is your guide to finding a local employer. Our experienced team of professional recruiters will review your resume and put you in touch with retail centers in your area.

We encourage all interested candidates to submit a resume to one of our regional MRP representatives and we will contact you shortly if a local employer would like to schedule an interview.

Our hiring process is completely transparent and we will stay in contact with you and future employers as we review your resume and seek positions that will suit your qualifications and experience. We’ll help you schedule an interview, find local businesses, and provide you with all the information you need about prospective employers.

Finding a position in retail management is easier and faster with Martin Recruiting Partners.

What are the qualities of a good retail candidate?

With more than twenty years of experience in the recruiting industry, it is still difficult to say exactly what defines a winning candidate. While there is no concrete guideline for a winning resume, employers are often seeking a broad set of communication and leadership skills.

  • Experience – Retail centers want to see that prospective employees have an extensive background in customer service. While this experience doesn’t necessarily have to come from the retail industry, employers want to know that you can treat customers in a friendly and professional manner.
  • Reliability – The schedules for an employee in retail can vary drastically from week to week. Retail stores stay open later than most businesses and don’t close on weekends. Employers want a candidate they can count on – that means showing up on time and completing tasks efficiently.
  • Leadership – Especially when it comes to management positions in retail, employers want to know that you can direct the operations of dozens of employees at a time. Flexibility, confidence, and organization all contribute to a good leader.
  • Communication Skills – Surveys of retail professionals consistently rank communication skills as the most important factor in hiring. Dealing with customers and other employees is a given and you should be able to communicate effectively over the phone, via email, and in person.