Sales Recruiting

Finding a Career in Sales

Do you have experience in sales or are you seeking employment opportunities in your area? Martin Recruiting Partners is your guide to finding employers that want to hire you.

Submitting a resume or applying for a specific position is easy and it could translate into a high-paying, long term career. Expanding your employment opportunities is easier with Martin Recruiting Partners.

Our team will personally assess each resume and then promote you as our own candidate for any sales position that becomes available. Our hiring process is completely transparent and we will always provide you with company information and tips prior to an interview.

The number of sales jobs in the US grows each and every year. Companies are expanding their sales departments to meet market demands, which means you are more likely to be hired. Our job is to find the perfect employer for your skills and experience.

Improving your resume

The marketplace for experienced sales representative is extremely competitive. To stand out among employers, you need a winning resume and prior employment that speaks to your talent. What are some of the qualities of successful candidates?

Phone communication skills are very important. A majority of all sales transactions and leads are generated over the phone. (Some estimates even say as much as 92% of all sales occur over the phone). Employers want to see that you are personable and convincing enough to promote their product or service without actually having to meet in person.

Employers also want to see that you can make a difference, but they want to see the statistics on paper. For example, your resume should specifically show how much you contributed to overall sales in your previous jobs. Did you increase sales by 5% or more? Did you make up a substantial portion of overall revenue? If so, employers want to see that on your resume.