How Our Recruiting Process Works

Martin Recruiting Partners works with both employers and employees to match the right candidates with their suitable career choice. By taking the time to understand your business and culture, we are able to recommend appropriate employees based on their strengths and personalities. We will assist you and your potential new-hire during every step of the interviewing process. We will listen to questions and concerns from both sides, and find solutions that are suitable for both parties.

Martin Recruiting Partners is a contingency firm. This means we won’t charge your company unless you hire our candidates. All of our candidates come with a guarantee. By the time you’ve scheduled an interview, our candidate will have mastered the training needed to make the conversation go smoothly and allow you to leave feeling confident that you have found your new employee.

We understand the urgency of filling your open positions. This is why our recruiting professionals use the most advanced search technologies to find the most qualified individuals who will continue to make your business a success. We work tirelessly to ensure that both you and our candidates get the best possible outcome from the hiring process.

The specialized recruiters at Martin Recruiting Partners have over a century of experience in finding the right candidates for your business. We are confident that the people we bring to you will benefit you and your current employees. Learn more about the main industries we work hand in hand with across the nation. Call us today and make the hiring process easier! 678.507.5100

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