In IT, Experience is Everything

We are living in an age of constant change. What may work one week may be obsolete the next. While this is true for business practices, it is especially true in the information technology field. New viruses are being created seemingly every minute of every day. Even if your company isn’t under attack by a hacker, computer systems tend to fail every now and again. You need someone who can handle it. Hiring an experienced IT professional versus an amateur could be the difference between the success and failure of your company.

Fixing What’s Broken

More often than not, your IT department will be working on seemingly simple tasks. If someone gets locked out of their computer or accidentally deletes a critically important document, your IT professional can fix it. They may be in charge of keeping systems up to date or other duties that seem like something anyone can do. Don’t be fooled, though. Your IT department is the backbone of your company.

This is especially true for large businesses with their own servers. Your IT professional will keep these running smoothly. When (not if) they crash, the IT department gets them back online quickly so you don’t lose valuable productivity. They will also maintain your internet connectivity to ensure you are always online. You want a professional who has years of experience in this kind of work and can quickly identify any problems.

Looking Ahead

An experienced IT professional will also know what to be on the lookout for. One who is truly passionate about their job will be researching the latest trends in data security to make sure they can handle any attacks that may come your way. In the background, they will be monitoring internet usage and updating software to make sure there is not a hole in your security systems.

In addition, experience allows IT professionals to foresee hardware problems so they can be handled before they occur. Some failures happen suddenly with no warning. But usually, there are signs that indicate an imminent crash or other form of disaster. An experienced IT professional can diagnose and either prevent them or prepare the company for the consequences of the failure.

Finding an Experienced IT Professional

In the IT field, it’s something of a running joke that most of their job simply involves looking up employees’ computer problems so they can fix it. As such, many amateurs enter the industry, believing they can handle whatever comes at them, simply because they know how to use a search engine. Unfortunately, this leaves countless companies vulnerable to attacks and other problems.

The best way to avoid this issue is to find an experienced IT professional through a recruitment company, such as Martin Recruiting Partners. We only select the top candidates for companies to hire from. This ensures you are entrusting your company’s security to a professional who can handle the job. For more information, contact us today.

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