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Considered the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles brings in over 47 million tourists annually who inject almost $30 billion into the local economy every year. Because LA hosts such a large number of visitors, the hospitality industry employs more people than any other industry in the city. As a matter of fact, over 530,000 people work in the hospitality and leisure sector in LA. Because the demand is great and hiring the wrong employee can be so costly, many local hotels, restaurants, and retail companies lean on qualified recruiters to help them locate and retain top talent.

LA Hospitality Recruiters

If you’re seeking a hotel manager who has high-level industry experience and all of the characteristics that make a great hospitality leader (motivational, solution-oriented, excellent communication skills, and appreciation of diversity), a third-party recruiting firm can help. Hospitality recruiters maintain an ongoing network of qualified industry professionals and establish long-term relationships, so when you share your need they are able to fill your position with top talent in little time.

Los Angeles Restaurant Recruiting

The best restaurant managers come with 5 or more years of experience in a similar role. By targeting the restaurant managers of your closest competition, recruiters are able to help you retain top talent and stay competitive in your local market.

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Retail Recruiting Companies in Los Angeles

There are a wide variety of things that can go wrong when you recruit a retail manager; the position requires flexible work hours, leadership skills, and unmatched business acumen. Although many retail companies have learned the impact of manager turnover the hard way, you can avoid hiring the wrong manager by working with a third-party recruiter who specializes in the retail industry and already has an expansive network of professionals.

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