How to prepare for the December Rush

The holiday rush can start as early as September and last until late February, leading some companies to begin their holiday planning months or even years in advance. Businesses in the Roswell area are finding that the earlier they plan for the holiday rush, the happier their employees, customers, and the higher their annual sales net. Building your values and work culture around the holiday season can help motivate successful service in not only your employees and leaders but also in your overall team spirit. Follow these important steps for preparing your employees today and in turn reveal your holiday spirit to your client or customer base before they’ve even reached the sales floor.

Conduct Company-Wide Meetings

Beating the holiday rush can be a daunting task, but preparation is key to surviving the crowd. Start your planning by setting up a team meeting ahead of the game. A successful meeting begins with developing a strategic plan for maintaining the rush. Strategize a hiring plan with a professional recruiting company to incorporate additional employees into your hiring process. Focus on training your new staff for Black Friday preparation and create new incentives to help motivate employees to upsell your company product line. Keep in mind that a well trained and motivated staff is vital for a successful holiday season.

Provide a Special Service

Provide a new holiday special to help you gain more business. Customers are far more likely to visit your business or restaurant again if they are given a special or deal that leaves everyone feeling like they had a quality experience. Engage your customers in the holiday fun by allowing your staff to dress up so that you can provide an incentive to work while creating a fun and engaging environment for your customers. Look at your staffing to compensate for the active holiday restaurant and nightlife atmosphere. Provide a unique environment for each customer and a special night on the town.

Grow Your Team

Advance your workplace by revamping your hiring process and building a team large enough to handle the holiday rush. Allow your newest employees to contribute to your meetings and plans so that your overall team can combine their collective efforts to in turn raise the growth of sales.

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