The Benefits of Using a Retail Recruiter

Choosing your retail managers is one of the most important hiring decisions you have to make. The people you choose will be in a position of trust while also shaping the face of your business. Hiring retail managers can be difficult, but because they run aspects of both your operations and staffing, you want to ensure the right candidates are hired for the job. Using a retail recruiting firm can benefit your company in your search for the right managers. Here’s why.

Competitors will scoop up the top talent

Competitors are going to be scouting out the same managerial talent you’re seeking. Previous reports indicated the retail industry was about to take a dive, but a 2018 report from Deloitte indicates this prediction was a little premature and it is expected consumers will continue to spend confidently. That being the case, you want consumers to have the very best experience while shopping at your store so they become loyal customers. To ensure this happens, you want to get a leg up on the competition by having the mechanism to hire your managers quickly before someone else scoops the best candidates up.

Retail recruiters can identify the right employees

The Benefits of Using a Retail Recruiter

Store management is complex. Managers have to deal with hiring and firing employees, managing inventory, analyzing financial reports, monitoring sales activity, and more, depending on the scope of their position. It can be hard to evaluate someone based on a resume, especially since you don’t know their soft skills which, as you know, are extremely important qualities to possess in retail. Retail recruiters know instinctively which skills to look for as they vet candidates.

  • Strong communication skills and a friendly demeanor
  • Critical thinking and good problem-solving skills
  • Capacity to multitask and organize
  • A customer-focused philosophy

Retail recruiters work hard to make certain their clients hire the right people to fill vacant positions, which saves them significantly in terms of time and money. With a recruiter, you’ll hire the right retail manager the first time, avoiding high turnover and costly hiring expenses.

Fill your open positions quickly

Finding a qualified and skilled retail manager can be a challenge as you sift through a mountain of resumes that claim experience. Sometimes a candidate will look good on paper and even manage to pass muster during the interview but it might not be until they are onboarded you realize you made the wrong hire. This is costly. Retail recruiters already have a pool of vetted candidates who are qualified, personable, reliable and possess great leadership skills. By hiring a retail recruiting firm, you’ll be ahead of your competitors by having the ability to hire great talent—quickly.

Martin Recruiting Partners specializes in hiring retail managers and will work hard to make certain you hire the right person. Being a nationwide company, our recruiters are prepared to help your business or franchise hire managers across your platform, regardless of location. We’ll serve as an extension of your business as your priorities become our priorities when it comes to hiring. With our pool of candidates, we have the capacity to quickly fill your vacant positions quickly.