Sales Recruiting

Sales Recruiting

Recruiting Talented Sales Representatives

When it comes to increasing consumer and B2B sales, your business needs the most talented associates on the market. If you are trying to improve your sales department and boost revenue, then your business needs employees with a foundation of success.

At Martin Recruiting Partners, we help your business succeed by recruiting the best and brightest names in the world of sales. Our network of talented salespeople outperforms average sales associates by margins of 10:1 in some cases. If your business is trying to grow, then there is no other option that hiring a sales representative that reflects that.

From marketing executives to sales support, every member of your team is integral to the success of your product. Many of our candidates have held sales positions at Fortune 500 companies, while others have helped grow local businesses. In any case, our recruits are an investment in your future.

Why choose Martin Recruiting Partners?

Our company has been finding talented sales representatives since 1992. Since then, all of our clients in sale recruiting have seen huge jumps in overall production and profits after hiring one of our candidates.

Our team of recruiters has years of industry experience, so we understand the salesmanship and communication skills that a prospective employee needs. We will assist your business throughout the recruiting process and coordinate any interviews, background checks, or post-hiring negotiations that take place.

Unlike most other recruiting agencies, we offer a simple guarantee to all of our clients: you only pay if you hire our candidate. Martin Recruiting Partners has a proven history of success and that’s why so many companies turn to us for their staffing needs.

Finding an ideal candidate in any sales department

Convincing other businesses and consumers to buy your product is no easy task. Hiring talented sales representatives is the easiest and most effective way to boost your business output. No matter what industry, Martin Recruiting Partners can find the candidates with sales experience in:

  • Medical equipment
  • Technology and electronics
  • Consumer products
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Food and beverage
  • Energy and natural resources