Technology changing the hiring landscape

Technology has had a significant impact on recruitment and, as a result, has rapidly changed hiring techniques, leaving recruiters and hiring managers to cope with a huge learning curve.Accounting Recruiting

The recruiting landscape has gone far beyond posting ads, either in print or online. While these are still relevant hiring tools, using them as a primary strategy is antiquated thinking. Technology’s effect on the hiring process is substantial and it has truly changed the recruiting dynamic.

  • Automation has necessitated the need for recruitment marketing software.
  • Application tracking systems (ATS) vet out candidates, along with simplifying and speeding up the hiring process.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) increases efficiency, reduces repetitive tasks and speeds up processing, along with offering the ability to provide intelligent and appropriate recommendations.
  • Big data plays a huge role in successful recruiting, reducing high turnover costs and enhancing employee retention rates.
  • Targeted advertising for jobs has increasingly become a commonly used recruiting tool.

As AI, chatbots and other technologies continue to progress, these will become even more synonymous with recruiting. Employers will have to adapt their internal skillsets to keep up with continuously changing hiring trends. Companies that don’t will find themselves quickly losing top prospects to their competition.

Employers need to actively sell jobs

In addition to the tools used to recruit, the modern recruiter role has also changed. The job entails hiring managers and recruiters needing to “sell” jobs, meaning they spend many hours per week developing the company’s brand as an attractive organization where people will want to work. This entails:

Using social media to network with and recruit talent; employers need to continuously network and build their talent pipelines.
Creating brand ambassadors (i.e. current and former employees) to champion their organization.
Employers have to be highly interactive and visible to candidates online.
Recruiting is no longer a one-way street. Employers must be proactive if they want to attract top talent. It’s a time-consuming process which also involves an ongoing need to invest in the latest technologies. Technology is no longer a luxury; It is a necessity.

How a recruiting company can help

A recruiting company offering client-oriented services can absorb the hiring gaps technology has created. In addition to filling much-needed skillsets, a recruiting company can also become an extension of an organization’s human resources to ensure the best candidates are hired. The best recruiting companies are ones that go the extra mile to get to truly know a business and its culture, enabling them to effectively screen and match qualified managers to vacant positions. In the long run, finding the best match for a job the first time increases engagement and improves retention rates. Say goodbye to high turnover rates!

Martin Recruiting Partners possesses the ability to provide our clients with the perfect hiring solutions. We use a streamlined process to hire skilled managers to fill your vacant manager positions in hospitality, restaurant, retail and other industries. To learn more about the services we offer, give us a call at 678-507-5100.