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Companies across the world are looking for accounting professionals to fill open positions. All small, medium, and large-sized businesses are required to have a professional accountant on their team. Martin Recruiting Partners understands it can be difficult to find an appropriate candidate in a short amount of time, and it is our goal to make the hiring process easier.

We take the time to really understand your business and your unique needs. We then incorporate advanced search technologies to find the best and most qualified individuals for your company. We complete the entire hiring process, from reaching out to possible candidates to guiding the interview process and follow-up period. The best part about our business is that you only pay for our services when you accept our suggested candidate.

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If your business is searching for an experienced accountant to join your team, contact a recruiting professional at Martin Recruiting Partners today. Our accounting recruiters have over a century of combined recruiting experience and are dedicated to adding only the best talent to your company. 678-507-5100


Are you seeking a career in accounting?

The recruiting experts at Martin Recruiting Partners are your solution to finding employers in your area. If you are seeking a full or part-time job in financial accounting, our team can help match you with the ideal business for your strengths and experience.

Our recruiters have expanded the employment opportunities for hundreds of candidates over the past 20 years. We find out about job openings before they are posted, so we can help you apply before the general public ever does. We will also assist you throughout the hiring process and notify you of any new openings or help you out before an interview.

If you are a CPA or hold previous experience in accounting, then there is a local business that is searching for your talent. Our job is to find that employer and put you on track for a successful career in accounting.

Submit your resume online today or contact your regional MRP representative for more information.

How can you stand out?

First, any employer wants to see that you are registered in your state as a certified accountant. This means you probably have to take the CPA exam to earn the necessary licenses or certifications to work as an accountant.

All accountants have to stay up to on new technology and laws in accounting as well, so most states require Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses. Having completed these hours and even getting extra training will help your resume stand out.

Become a member of an organization like AICPA (the American Institute of CPAs). This added qualification will separate you from other accountants and show employers your commitment to accounting practices.

Having experience in several different industries can also help. Do you have any accounting experience with non-profits? Have you worked in a large accounting firm? A wide range of relevant experience shows employers that you can take on a variety of accounting challenges.

Employers also note that technology skills are hugely important. Proficiency in programs like Microsoft Excel is clearly a prerequisite for success. Familiarity with dozens of accounting software programs will also help you adapt to changes in the marketplace.