Legal Recruiters

The legal industry is extremely competitive in today’s market. In addition to recent graduates from law school, there are also hundreds of individuals with prior legal experience looking for employment. Finding unique individuals that meet your business needs can be a difficult task when searching alone. Partnering with a professional legal recruiting company will help you find the best and most qualified team members.

Having passionate, skilled, and experienced members on your team will give you a competitive edge and your clients a better chance in the courtroom. With so many legal professionals in the industry, it’s important you find the most qualified candidates to fill your position.

Finding Legal Talent for Your Business

Martin Recruiting Partners understands each law office and legal facility is different, and it is our priority to understand your unique business needs. Once we understand which skills and qualifications you are looking for in an employee, we will perform our advanced search methods, seeking out only the best of the best.

Our recruiters perform all of the work from the search process to contacting individuals, the interview sessions, and even the follow up period. The best part of partnering with Martin Recruiting Partners is that you only pay for our services if you hire the candidate we suggest.

Find the legal expert you are looking for today.

Contact a recruiter at 678-507-5100.

Are you seeking a career in the legal field?

The marketplace for lawyers and legal assistants is extremely competitive today. Martin Recruiting Partners can help your employment opportunities by doing the searching for your.

Our team of professional recruiters has the industry experience and knowledge to help you get hired fast. When a local firm has an opening for any position, we are one of the first to hear about it, so we can quickly promote you as a leading candidate for any job.

When a law firm does express interest, we will help schedule an interview and assist you throughout the hiring process. We even perform follow up meetings to ensure that you are adjusting well to your new position.

Submitting a resume online is easy and it could land you a job in the near future. For more information, you can also email your regional MRP representative.

What kind of legal experience do you have?

Law firms have dozens of positions they need to fill, and they don’t all necessarily require a JD. For undergraduate and law school students seeking internships or part time employment, law offices have openings to help you gain relevant experience as a file clerk, receptionist, or office assistant.

If you are a practicing attorney that is looking to take on a more senior position in a different firm or move into another area of legal practice, then your skills are in high demand. Martin Recruiting Partners can help put you in contact with an office that’s searching for you.