Hotel Recruiting

Hotel Recruiting

The hotel industry is a competitive market across the nation. With most hotel locations offering free services like Wi-Fi, cable TV, and breakfast, hotels are having to find new ways to make their businesses stand out. Although it may be wise to focus on adding new services to your facility, sometimes it is best to concentrate on the basics—your employees.

The most important aspect of creating a successful experience for your customers is having a friendly and experienced staff. However, finding qualified candidates for your open positions can be a difficult task. Some believe the hotel hiring process is outdated, resulting in the industry’s high turnover rate.

Using a hotel recruiter saves time and labor costs while seeking experience and talent for your team.

Recruiting Talent for Your Hotel

Running a successful hotel means having a variety of talents. To provide your guests with the hospitality they deserve, your hotel needs managers experienced and skilled in sales, food services, banquets and more. Of course, every hotel is different and has its unique needs. To ensure our suggested candidate is a long-term solution for your company, Martin Recruiting Partners takes the time to understand your business and its company culture.

Find a Hotel Manager

When working with our hotel recruiters you receive easy and helpful guidance in your hotel hiring process. Our recruiting experts have over a century of combined experience working with hotels across the nation. We understand the best ways to find the talent you are looking for, and our search process is fast compared to other recruiting agencies.

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Seeking a Career in the Hotel Industry?

If you have previous hotel experience and are looking for a job, we encourage you to contact one of our recruiters. Hotels are always looking for individuals to fill positions such as:

  • Regional & General Managers
  • Food & Beverage Directors
  • Sales & Banquet Managers

What Skills are Hotels Looking For?

Although past experience is the best opportunity for landing a career in the hotel industry, hotel executives look for other skills as well. Ideal candidates for hotel jobs are people-minded and goal driven. These individuals are always looking for creative solutions for solving problems and can act fast when a situation arises. Their main priority, however, is ensuring guests are taken care of and are enjoying their stay.

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