Restaurant Management Recruiter

Restaurant Management Recruiters


Why Choose Martin Recruiting Partners?

We provide total client-oriented recruiting services and bring the message of your opportunity to focused, targeted candidates. Martin Recruiting Partners is your search partner and becomes an extension of your organization.  Our philosophy is to know your business and culture so we can effectively provide productive, long-term leaders.  We save you time and money by eliminating unqualified prospects and guaranteeing our results.  Martin Recruiting Partners screen candidates to match your needs for the professional and personal characteristics you require.  We thoroughly interview candidates to assess their strengths, weaknesses, and personal styles.  We do not simply forward resumes.  The candidate’s Martin Recruiting Partners present to you are ideally qualified for your positions.  Martin Recruiting Partners has over a century of combined restaurant leadership experience.  We know what it takes to run a successful operation and where to find the right management candidates.

Our restaurant recruitment service includes:

  • Managing every position, regardless of the salary level, with the same care and quality oversight.  We know that all openings are vital to you.
  • Using the “TEAM APPROACH”.  The entire Martin Recruiting Partners team works for you, not just one recruiter covering your area.
  • Providing candidates with appropriate information about your organization.
  • Arranging interview times and locations.
  • Assisting you and the candidate through the interview process.
  • Offering background investigations covering criminal, credit, and drug testing.
  • Addressing all questions and concerns you or the candidate may have.
  • Assisting with negotiations to hire our candidate.
  • Providing complete confidentiality of your hiring and employment needs.
  • Following up with you and the new manager to ensure satisfaction.

Our Guarantee

We offer a guarantee in the event a candidate voluntarily leaves or is discharged for fault within a pre-agreed time frame. Our employer-paid fees are based solely on results.  We send you an invoice only if you hire our candidate.