How to Hire the Right Manager for Your Industry

Hiring the right manager is essential for any industry. Owners and general managers can spend a lot of time hiring, onboarding, and training new management staff, so you want to be sure you have the right person for the job. The gathering of vital statistics, alone, is time-consuming and requires that every ‘i’ be dotted and ‘t’ be crossed because many of these items are subject to Federal and State regulations. Like most food service tasks, using a process will help streamline interviews and make them more productive, for you and the prospective manager that you wish to add to your team.

What is the Job?

Clear, concise job descriptions in your advertisements will draw the type manager you are looking to add to your staff. Finding the best managers in the industry can be difficult for those in the hospitality business. So, tell the prospective managers what you can do for them, instead of giving them a laundry list of what their duties will be.

Will they Fit?

Every establishment has its own culture. From the corner cafe to facilities that can feed 1,000 meals at one sitting each business has a particular culture. Sometimes, those you hire will not fit within your company. Culture is a factor you need to consider when hiring a new:
• Catering manager
• Executive Chef
• Sous Chef
• Production Manager
• Staffing Manager
• Front Line Manager

Managers who do not fit within your organization do not usually stay long.

Improved Interviews Help Find the Right Manager

The failure of new managers is often due to faulty interview practices. According to a study in Leadership IQ, those who are performing interviews were not focused on the task and often unskilled to the job of interviewing. This lack of skills can lead to missed red flags that may indicate an interviewee is not fit for your business. Adding new hiring techniques to your interview process will help you find the right managers.

Using the warm body method of interviewing leads to bad hires, too, but is often the method used by hiring staff when seeking new managers. Honing your interview skills by setting aside time and engaging with the candidate can lead to better hires.

Hire the Right Manager with Open-Ended Questions

Direct questions gain direct answers and will tell you very little about an applicant. Open-ended questions prompt interviewees to talk about themselves. This interview technique will give you a better idea of who the applicant is and how they communicate rather than an interview full of questions that require yes and no answers. Ask both business and personal questions and allow them to elaborate. Asking questions about their former job will give you an idea of their fit in that position.

Get Help Hiring the Right Managers

Hiring new staff is a time-consuming process that can eat up hours of your day. If you are a business owner or general manager, your day is already full. Adding the task of finding new managers can add to this stress. When you need to hire new management team members, you need to hire a recruiting company first. Their business is to interview and find the best candidates for the positions you have open.

A recruiting company may already have the perfect candidate in their queue, waiting for your call. Instead of adding another skill set to your vast repertoire of talents, using a recruiting company can save time, money, and give you a large pool of qualified candidates from which to choose.

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