Why Training is Key when Hiring a New Manager

In heavily consumer-driven industries, such as restaurant, hospitality, and retail, a manager is one of your most important hiring decisions. The person you bring on will carry a lot of responsibility, so you want to be sure you hire the right fit. However, onboarding the right manager is just one part of the equation, providing them with proper training is key.

Organizational training

A strong manager not only needs to understand general management concepts, labor laws and compliance with industry regulations, they need to learn the ins and outs of your company too. If they don’t understand your company’s culture or its specific processes, it’ll be hard for them to do their job and nurture their employees to do theirs.

Trained managers strengthen their ‘people skills’

Organizational trainingIt’s important to hire someone who innately has strong communication and “people skills”. Even if your new manager seems to have these qualities, training in company policy is still necessary, along with the skills needed to understand how to handle different types of situations that come with the territory of being a manager.

  • Dealing with difficult customers or navigating employee conflicts
  • Using active listening skills to thoroughly understand problems
  • Possessing strong communication skills to minimize misunderstandings
  • Utilizing team-building strategies to increase productivity and strong performances
  • Being a good coach when helping their new employees learn their jobs

When managers aren’t properly trained, it sets them up for failure, which will ultimately have a trickle-down effect on your company. One of the top reasons why employees quit is attributed to working under a poor manager.

Understanding industry trends

As the economy continues to rebound, this has given many industries a solid boost. In addition to dealing with the daily situations in your company, new managers need to be up on industry trends to keep your company competitive. By providing your managers with the training and tools needed to move your business forward, you’ll set them up for long-term success, effectively reducing managerial turnover, which is obviously costly.

Proof is in the numbers

According to a Google study, the skills that get people hired as managers do not equate to them being successful. The tech giant has taken its results and turned it into a primer for creating successful managers.

Today’s consumers have high expectations and they have no qualms about switching loyalties if they don’t get personalized, quality service. Not to mention if disgruntled customers or employees take to social media, you’ll end up needing to put out those fires to protect your brand. Grooming managers for success through a good training program early on helps to avoid negative backlash that can result from a poorly prepared manager.

While training and onboarding new managers is critical, this process shouldn’t take more than a few weeks. If your training process is a lengthier process, this is costing you time and money. If you’re looking for a qualified manager, Martin Recruiting Partners can help! With experience across restaurant, hospitality, retail and other industries, our recruiters can find you the right manager and make your training process much easier. Call us today at 678-507-5100.