What To Look For When Hiring A Restaurant Manager

Whether you’ve expanded your business or are looking to fill a recently emptied role, hiring a restaurant manager is no easy task. This is a lengthy process that requires attention and care if you want to find the perfect employee. You may have a large number of applications flood in as soon as you post your open position to the public. How do you sort through all of these candidates and find the perfect addition to your team?

At Martin Recruiting Partners, we have a few tips on how to hire the right manager for your establishment. Continue reading this article if you want to know if you’re on the right track!

The Hiring Process

Past Experience in The Industry

Although it takes time to pour through a resume, the effort is well worth it. If you want to hire a dependable restaurant manager, you’ll need to be familiar with their past experience in the industry. What does your candidate’s resume say about their previous work in restaurants? Were they in their positions for long periods of time? Did they get promoted often? These things will give you a sneak peek into the mindset of your candidate, and will help you narrow down your options. 

It’s a good rule of thumb to set up an interview with a candidate who has a record of staying in one place of employment for at least a year. If this candidate was promoted to higher positions on multiple occasions during their time with their past employer, this is a great sign that you’ve found the perfect restaurant manager.

What do their references have to say?Job References

When you are sorting through your candidates’ information, remember to check with their references for more insights into their work ethic. Did they arrive on time consistently, or were they usually late? Did they call in sick often? How well did they perform in their management role? When you speak to your candidates’ references, keep an ear out for red flags. You don’t want to hire a restaurant manager who is lazy, sloppy, or tardy, as this will reflect poorly on your business.

Take your time when hiring a restaurant manager.

With the holiday season coming in fast, you may feel rushed to fill in the empty spots in your company. This, however, is a terrible mistake. If you don’t take time to consider your candidates, you may end up choosing the wrong person to fill the role of restaurant manager. This can hurt you in the long run for a few reasons:

  • Your new restaurant manager may perform poorly, resulting in angry customer reviews, or worse, losing loyal patrons.
  • Your new restaurant manager may have a poor work ethic, and will either call in sick repeatedly or arrive to work late. This will hurt the entire business, as your other employees will be forced to pick up the slack.
  • You may have to fire your new restaurant manager in the thick of the season, which will create an empty space in your staff that you were trying to avoid in the first place.


Get help from Restaurant Management RecruitersMartin Recruiting Partners

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of resumes and job applications of eager candidates seeking to fill your restaurant manager role, don’t worry. There is an industry-leader in recruiting that is made up of a team of experienced individuals who can help you narrow down your options. Martin Recruiting Partners are your restaurant management recruiters who can help you decide on the perfect person to fill your open role. Our team can screen your candidates for you and even set up interviews between you and a promising employee.

At Martin Recruiting Partners, we have plenty of experience and success when helping businesses hire on new staff members. We can help you sort through your restaurant manager candidates and help you find the perfect person to fit the environment and pace of your establishment. When we vet your candidates, we don’t just consider their work ethic. We also make sure that this candidate will work well with your other staff members. Martin Recruiting Partners makes it our goal to smoothly integrate new employees into your restaurant who will fit right in with your unique culture.

Martin Recruiting Partners is here to help you hire a restaurant manager before the holiday season. Let us do the hard work as your restaurant recruiting firm and get your new employee into your business! Call us today to learn more: 678-507-5100