Recruiting News and Tips

from Martin Recruiting Partners

Technology’s Effect on Recruiting

Technology has had a significant impact on recruitment and, as a result, has rapidly changed hiring techniques, leaving recruiters and hiring managers to cope with a huge learning curve. Technology changing the hiring landscape The recruiting landscape has gone far...

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How To Hire The Right Manager

Hiring the right manager is essential for any industry. Owners and general managers can spend a lot of time hiring, onboarding, and training new management staff, so you want to be sure you have the right person for the job. The gathering of vital...

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How to prepare for the December Rush

The holiday rush can start as early as September and last until late February, leading some companies to begin their holiday planning months or even years in advance. Businesses in the Roswell area are finding that the earlier they plan for the holiday...

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What Motivates A Millennial Employee

New-age employees believe workplace success is a combination of finding individual happiness, doing your best work, and receiving constructive feedback. Finding this balance should not only take priority in your employees’ lives however. Balance should...

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In IT, Experience is Everything

We are living in an age of constant change. What may work one week may be obsolete the next. While this is true for business practices, it is especially true in the information technology field. New viruses are being created seemingly every...

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